Positive Mood Sharing

ITN projects are awesome! ✨⭐

How many opportunities we get from just three years of 
 doctoral research being involved into INFRASTAR ITN project!

At the moment, I am finishing my second secondment at COWI, Lyngby, Denmark. This experience itself has been enriching and inspiring! Switching from academic atmosphere to industry for a few months has influenced my overall mood in many ways.

✰  wider vision of bridge engineering in Europe and in the world 
✰  experience of work environment in the large company  
✰  communication with international colleagues 
✰  gained and improved technical skills 

Moreover, changing from one country to another brings a new light to the PhD life (normally full of stress and worries 😝😅)

Exploring a new city ❀ 
Discovering a new culture ❀ 
Speaking a new language ❀ 
Trying a new way of life ❀ 

Sometimes, if we are focused too much on something, it is quite difficult to get through it and move on. All these activities (provided by the project) such as industry days, weeks of training, conferences and especially secondments shake our minds and refresh ideas. This helps not only for the work progress but also for the personal life.
Adapting to new conditions, adjusting behavior and habits are vital skills nowadays as
everything is changing...

After this rich experience here and the following big conference (soon...), I will return to France for my final year of the doctoral project in a happier mood, with more motivation and some new challenges