COWI - the work place of dreams

Our project is amazing!!!

Again, thanks to INFRASTAR, I can turn the page and breathe with the fresh Danish air 😊
This time, my journey has turned to the north - to my favorite Scandinavia 💓

Yesterday, I have started my few months program at COWI in Lyngby, Denmark. I like everything here 😆 I have an impression that all problems have gone at once (about problems I will write in a new blog post soon)!

Well, I have only started my work, but can already conclude that the surrounding environment and the working atmosphere affect a lot the general mood and the attitude to the work!

Open spaces, large and bright rooms, good equipment, ecological materials, a lot of light... I am not even speaking about available facilities!

... for the first time in my life I have a desk, which can change the height if I want to work standing, this is amazing!

I am very glad to meet my industrial supervisor Katerina Konakli, whom I will be working with here at COWI. I am sure that our work will be productive :)

So, the beginning of this part of my life is amazing  and I hope to keep it this way further and even the dark sky view from the window wouldn't spoil my mood! 


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