...from the inside of the ...Éolienne =D

Thanks to my colleagues from IFSTTAR Nantes, for the first time in my life I have visited a Wind Tower.

The great advantage of our project is the opportunity to travel a lot:
  • experience long-time exchanges between involved institutions, 
  • participate in conferences, workshops,
  • make visits to various sites and objects.

This time, it was a one-day business-trip to Nantes that became an adventure!

Starting from the early morning, when we got a chance to see Nantes and even hear some historical facts.

Many thanks to Odile for the ride through the center of Nantes!

The technical part of this trip was interesting and enriching. In the morning we had a reunion of three ESRs with Antoine and Sima.

Many thanks to Antoine for showing us your work and your lab!

Then, we saw the GeoEND laboratory of Ifsttar Nantes to see its successful projects and the ongoing work.

Many thanks to Olivier for detailed explanations!

In the afternoon, we arrived in the park of wind turbines at Saint-Hilaire near Nantes, where one wind turbine was stopped for us!

Many thanks to Anne-Gaëlle for the interesting presentation!

Photo by Hakim      

And of course, many thanks to Hakim for the organization of everything!

This is not the end of the adventure. 
These days, in France there is unbelievably too much snow! 
So, on the way back, I was unlucky to be blocked inside the train for almost 5 hours! It could not move because of the snow, ice on rails and electricity problems. However, when I finally reached Paris, the fairy-tail was waiting for me:

Bonne journée to everyone!