Read if you have much stress in your work !

This time I would like to speak about the importance of the mood in any type of work.

Actually, I didn’t write any post for a long time due to my mood that was so low that I even stayed sick during the entire Christmas holiday. There are many aspects that could affect our mood. It might be the work or our personal life, the weather or conditions of life… and of course, the life of a researcher is full of stress, uncertainty in everything and difficulties with the work…

- our main task here is to manage all these negative moods and psychological troubles

I don’t know if it is applicable only in my case, but may be some other early stage (or even later stage J ) researchers or students would find these simple suggestions useful or helpful.

I – sleep more! 
The lack of resting hours is influencing badly the health in general and the efficiency of your brain

II – don’t overwork several days in a row! 
Even if you are not tired enough after 8-9 hours of thinking, working hard, you might start to have doubts in what you are doing or to go deeply into unnecessary things (which you could normally avoid) simply wasting your time!

III – take your vacation regularly and profit from them! 
Do relax and do what you really like (travelling, gaming, reading novels, playing boardgames with friends, etc), otherwise, it will make you feel worse. If you continue to work or study or read your emails during the vacation, it will keep you stressed, which will make you even more tired and less concentrated when you return to your work

IV – improve conditions of your life! 
...if you are not satisfied with your house or neighbors, the district or even furniture, just change them (in order to enjoy your home that would improve the quality of your sleep and rest time)

V – do not forget your hobbies! 
or find new ones, which will: 
1) keep you busy when you have free time and start to think about your problems, 
2) make you to want to go home from your office each evening and completely change your mind

The life is short enough to spend it for depressions and negative thinking, so, 
try to enjoy every day of it J


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    1. Thank you Lijia for the support! I am happy to hear that you are feeling better now :) Take care...


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