Importance of Motivation

Every researcher knows that in addition to Hard Work, Strong Mind, Careful Planning and Optimistic Character, we need to be Motivated. 

Last week, for all my INFRASTAR colleagues, the training at EPFL was organized. That was a really important experience for all of us! 

    • useful lectures,
    • new ideas,
    • cooperation,
    • teambuilding
                ... and much more.

All of us presented the progress in the research, aims & objectives, challenges & difficulties. Every ESR is at his or her own stage of the PhD, but the main and the most important thing which is the same for all of us is

It was so nice to listen to curious and excited people who are going towards their goals with pleasure 😊 Our motivation helps us to get through all troubles and to never give up. In the end, it will bring us to the best opportunities and to the great success.

I wish only good luck and endurance to all ESRs and to the project itself!