One more Advantage of INFRASTAR project

Very Good Day to everyone !! 😉

I am writing a new post to share my happiness:
I have a chance to stay in one of the most wonderful cities

Lausanne is amazing 😊 

Thank you, INFRASTAR project!

Why I am here:

  • After a half a year of my work, I am doing the first SECONDMENT - at EPFL - 3 months of work on the topic related to my own project but touching also topics of my INFRASTAR colleagues.

We work together with ESR4 Imane and ESR5 Bartek

SECONDMENT is a good chance to make connection between participants of the whole project:

  • share our ideas, and get some new ones, 
    • gain extra  knowledge in areas around our own research projects,
        • explore the environment of other companies, universities and institutes.
Moreover, working for a few months in another place is a good opportunity to discover some interesting objects.

  • In my case, it is the object of work of  ESR5 Bartek

The very old Eifeld railway bridge over the Kander river, 
where strain gauges were installed for a few weeks

The work promises to be interesting and definitely to give a good outcome.

Full of enthusiasm and motivation!
...with the kindest wishes,


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