Hello WORLD!

I am happy to share my research progress and PhD life (which is really WONDERFUL ! ) via this blog.

With my supervisor Franziska Schmidt

For the first post, I'd like just to introduce myself 😊 

Then, more posts will be following: there are already lots of things to describe since I started the work at IFSTTAR in November 2016

Though, my INFRASTAR journey began even before - with the 'Scientific Notice' that I had written for the application. Exactly that time my mind became fully occupied with my (that time yet future) research topic:

Reliability of Structures exposed to Traffic loads and Environmental loading.

* As it is obvious from the name, the main objects for my work are bridges. Not only simple bridges which we can see everywhere around but mostly those huge, complicated structures that are affected also by aggressive environment: wind, rain, temperature, etc

** So, the idea is to look into the behaviour of such bridges (that is already not so easy), create a mathematical model to assess their reliability (in other words, to predict the state of a bridge for the further future) and try to apply it at the end to other types of structures.

Thanks for reading! 😊 
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